Construction Unit by:Shane Scamahorn, Megan Fitzpatrick, and Lisa Cates

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This is a multi-grade lesson/unit plan that can be adapted for grades 5-12 and spans over the course of 5 weeks. In this lesson students will address the following:

Essential Question: How will my life benefit from knowing basic construction techniques, and what can I do with this knowledge to help my family?

How will knowing basic construction skills impact the career that I want to go into?


Unit Summary:  Students will gain the basic knowledge in order to design and build a structure that will be functional and efficient to use and maintain.


Time: 5 weeks


Activities/Calendar:  Week 1: Testing building materials-  Students will test the permeability and insulation of different building materials such as Tyvek, tar paper, different insulation blue board, blue board with aluminum wrap, white board, white board with aluminum, different thicknesses of fiberglass insulation and different backings. 


Week 2: Design- students will use a web-based cad program or building design website to make and develop plans for a chicken coop.


Week 3: Stair calculation and design.  Students will learn state codes, and laws on stair design.  The students will learn how to calculate the rise and run of the steps and practice the calculations.  Students will learn how to use a tape measure and square to draw the stringers.  The students will then practice drawing stringers and making sure that the measurements are accurate.


Week 4:  Roof and rafter calculation- Students will learn to calculate the pitch of a roof and use a speed square, and compass to draw and check angles to make the proper angle.


Week 5:  Build- Students will learn how to use needed power and hand tools.  Students will build a structure with the knowledge that they have learned

Career and Technology Standards

   1. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics: Science and Mathematics Career Pathway

   2. Architecture and Construction 

  • Possible careers: Carpenter, architect, construction worker etc..

For more careers please continue to the following link:

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Lesson Plan