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Contested Visions at LACMA

Contested Visions at LACMA


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Subject ArtsVisual Arts
Grade Level Grades 9-12

About This Lesson

The Aztec cache known as Ofrenda 7 (Offering 7) is on view in the exhibition Contested Visions at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art through January 29th, 2012. Offering 7 is one of some 130 offerings discovered within the Aztec Templo Mayor in recent years. To install Offering 7, Museo del Templo Mayor archaeologist Fernando Carrizosa Montort and chief conservator Maria Barajas Rocha spent several days at LACMA. Here, Mr. Carrizosa Montfort explains the complex meanings of this remarkable piece during installation at LACMA.


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Contested Visions at LACMA
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