Coronavirus Lesson and COVID-19 Interactive Worksheet FREE

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This (COVID-19) coronavirus lesson will help you teach your students specifics about the devastating COVID-19 that is breaking news in the world today.

Step-by-step Teacher Directions and a PowerPoint will walk you through the lesson. Using information from the Center for Disease Control, you can show your students how quickly this virus has spread across the world, how people become infected, what the symptoms are; and most importantly, the ways they can protect themselves from getting this virus.

An "Interactive Worksheet" activity will help students to process events that have unfolded since the outbreak began, and also enable them to empathize with the many people this virus has affected.

All that’s needed is glue, scissors, and a printer with paper!

***UPDATED on 3/11/20***


  • I wish the circumstances were different, and my heart goes out to all those who have been hurt by this viral outbreak.
  • Since the virus is so new and reports about it are changing daily, I've included a way for you and your students to continue using the "Interactive Worksheet" template for future coronavirus news updates.


Here is what is included in this LOW-PREP FREE lesson:

1. 11-pages of "Step-by Step Teacher Directions" follow the PowerPoint slides

2. 17-Slide PowerPoint walks you through this lesson

3. "Coronavirus 2019/2020 Timeline Events Sheet" to print: This is a summary of main events from the first case of the virus in Wuhan China, to China recognizing the infection originated at the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market, to the first case in the United States, to the World Health Organization warning that the virus "has pandemic potential."

4. "Coronavirus Interactive Worksheet," a fill-in the blanks timeline template

5. 35 Emojis to print and cut out

6. "Follow-up Blank Timeline Template" to continue following the virus and events

7. A worksheet example is included

8. Learning Target Posters are included, as well as 3 different "Student Check-Off Sheets"


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Thank you very much..
March 2020
Can this activity be done if students don't have a printer at home?
March 2020
Thanks for your question. Yes, there are two ways students can do this online. First, on the PowerPoint version I included in this SML version, the emojis and the fill in timeline are editable slides. You could email those two slides to students in the PowerPoint version. You wold also need to send them the PDF version of the timeline. Second, you can upload the whole PowerPoint for your class of students only IF you have a password protected website. This cannot be posted publicly online. Once you upload it as a PowerPoint it needs to be right-clicked and opened in Google Slides and then the emojis and timeline are both editable! Students can type in the events and dates and with their mouse they can cut and paste the emojis onto the timeline page. A PDF version of the EVENTS timeline would would also need to be uploaded. I would not upload an editable version of the timelineEVENTS because students would just cut and paste, and it's more meaningful if they write the events in their own words after reading the timeline! Thanks for asking. Mrs. S.
March 2020