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Coronavirus: The Traveling Virus - A Children's Book

Grade Level PreK
Resource Type Activity


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Coronavirus, the traveling virus, is a very bad guy and something must be done so that he gets bored and leaves us alone. The adults have an idea but need children’s help to put it into action. 

The primary goal of this book is to help young children process and understand why their routines changed in the wake of COVID-19. This short story introduces the topic of the Coronavirus in a friendly and humorous way yet depicts a set of healthy behaviors that children can follow to make the virus go away. 

We hope that caregivers can use this book as a tool to enlist children’s cooperation as we all battle the spread of the virus through hand washing, social distancing, and mask wearing. 

This is a rhyming book, it is aimed at children 2-5 and it is available in Spanish and English. 

The book was originally meant for our inquisitive 2.5 year old son who didn’t understand why he couldn’t go to the park or go to school. We hope that it can help and amuse other children.



Coronavirus The Traveling Virus.pdf

July 19, 2020
15.3 MB
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1 Review
The story is cute; no activities for kids to do or at least I was unable to find the activities.
August 11, 2020