Create a disease map using real data

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In this Common Core aligned activity students will use real data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to map the prevalence of a vector-borne disease. Students can map data by hand or with a free online mapping tool. By listening to SciFri interviews students learn the importance of quantitative mapping and data analysis for new diseases like Chikungunya. A map of climate regions can be used to draw inferences on the relationship between vectors and infection risk. Addresses epidemiology concepts including disease vectors, disease ecology, prevalence, and infection rate.


October 2018
January 2017
Cannot get link the analysis questions to work and this is a great activity to use and analyze data...any suggestions?
January 2017
I am glad you like the activity. If you click on the 'Teacher's Guide' link, the analysis questions are located a little over half-way down the page. I also added an 'Analysis Question' document to the ShareMyLesson resource page.