Create an Editing Tool with Programming

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Getting started is easy. Go to the Applied Digital Skills website and sign up to set up your first class. Check out this guide with step-by-step instructions or go directly to the lesson through this link.

This lesson uses videos to teach critical life and technology skills:


  1. With a partner, create a presentation that applies programming terms to everyday objects.
  2. Write code to find and highlight one overused word in a document.
  3. Expand the program to find several overused words.
  4. Write code to highlight all the overused words in their document in different colors.

Life Skills

  • Explain why some problems can be solved more easily by computers or humans based on a general understanding of types of tasks at which each student excels.
  • Use iterative development and debugging to explore the problem domain.  
  • Recognize that different solutions exist for the same problem.

Technology Skills

  • Write a computer program to automate a task.
  • Create a program that implements an algorithm to achieve a given goal, individually and collaboratively.
  • Recognize that programs need known initial conditions (e.g., set initial score to zero in a game, initialize variables, or initial values set by hardware input).
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