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Creating a Flexible Classroom

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Subject English Language Arts
Grade Level Professional Development
Resource Type Activity, Presentation, Project Based Learning


One of the greatest challenges a teacher has is creating a classroom that meets the needs of all students, while also establishing a love of learning. In this webinar you'll learn, from educator and author Amber Chandler, how to create a flexible classroom, one where students are given choice and autonomy, while also taking risks and collaborating. The philosophy behind a flexible classroom is not just about differentiation, but instead an attitude of "whatever it takes" for student success. This webinar will provide practical tips, and help you get ready for the new year. 

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4 Reviews
Hi Josh. I wish I had more
Hi Josh. I wish I had more weeks! They took a really long time to make, so that is as far as I got. I've thought about creating an entire year's worth and turning it into a downloadable resource--but it takes time! I'm still a full time teacher, so as you know, that is always the issue. Glad you and your students enjoyed it.
Amber Rain Chandler
April 25, 2019
Thanks for joining the
Thanks for joining the conversation here. I don't have a specific rubric that I always use with the choice boards, but that is because I change them up so often. I like to use a "one point rubric" to grade--something I picked up from Alice Keeler (google her, as she has tons of great materials including a downloadable one point rubric). A media mash up is when students create a product using different mediums. They might, for example, make a podcast on a topic, which they share with the class via a website, and where they also post images and links to other media--connecting all the concepts through a mash up of media. Hope that helps! Please let me know if you need anything else!
Amber Rain Chandler
April 25, 2019
My students enjoy the word
My students enjoy the word study can there be more weeks
Teaching with Josh
April 24, 2019
Really useful thanks so much
Really useful thanks so much
Helena Keefe
September 19, 2017
I participated in the Webinar
I participated in the Webinar and purchased the book. I've started reading it but have a couple of burning questions. The information from the webinar and the book is definitely changing the way I approach my students and my lesson planning. However, I have two burning questions. Are there rubrics available for the choice boards? And what is a media mash up?
October 16, 2016

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