Creating a Help Wanted Ad

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Introduction: Students in sixth grade Spanish have been learning basic regular verb conjugations with simple action verbs (to study, to live, to need, to learn, to go, to play). In addition, they have also learned irregular verbs (to have, to go, to be) to be able to describe basic school, family, housing, and community situations and needs.  To demonstrate learning, students will combine these verbs with chapter vocabulary to describe themselves and the qualifications they have for finding a job.

The process: First, as a whole group, students and the teacher will discuss what the requirements of the assignment are.   Students will be creating a want ad that will be displayed using GoogleSlides. After discussing requirements and expectations for the project, the students and teacher will discuss reasonable salaries for high school students in relation to this project and what type of qualities stand out for a job.  Students have seen, worked with and even created their own advertisements previously in class, so we will review how to make ad stand out (title, pictures related to job, key information, neat, and eye-catching).

Independently students will complete the following steps for the project:

Prewriting: Students will brainstorm and complete the necessary information for the web.  They will jot down ideas (not in complete sentences) to start preparing for this assignment.

Drafting: Students will decide on the information they want to include and write at least 5 sentences that describe themselves and the qualities they have for the job they are searching for.

Editing/Revision: Each student will conference with teacher to review sentences and make necessary corrections.  All other corrections will be through self correction or peer-review.

PublishStudents will publish assignment by sharing with teacher using the Share option on GoogleSlides.  Students can also email teacher.  If time permits, students may orally present their advertisement.


Resources: Students may use: notes taken in class, textbook, images from internet, and the attached examples.

Evaluation: Students will be grades on each component: Prewriting and Rough Draft as a completion and effort grade.  The Final advertisement (presented in Google Slides) is graded using the attached rubric.

Conclusion: Students will share their presentations through Google.  If time permits, students will share their advertisement through an oral presentation with the class.

Differentiation: 1.  Students can free draw their advertisement if they have trouble with computer skills.   2.  More advanced students may expand their sentences to increase a challenge.  Students who have trouble may stick to simple sentence structure (reviewed in class).


Teacher Instructions