Cultural presentation - Germany and Austria EDITED

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Cultural presentation - Germany and Austria EDITED

A quiz using PowerPoint - all about Germany and Austria; a little bit of Geography and History in there. I did this as an opening presentation for some of my classes back in September; but am doing it again this Monday with a different class and thought it might be useful for others. Let me know what you think - I hope it comes in handy!I HAVE EDITED SOME OF THE INFORMATION IN THE PowerPoint BASED ON YOUR COMMENTS; THANK YOU FOR YOUR ADVICE!

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July 2016
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January 2016
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November 2011
A fantastic resource. It makes you want to study German now!
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February 2011
This is a fantastic resource and absolutely well presented but I feel a couple of things need to be corrected in this power point presentation and hope you don't mind. The Wall separated West Berlin from East Germany, not just from East Berlin. There was also a wall between the territories of East and West Germany. Furthermore, the people in East Berlin were neither unemployed nor poor. The GDR had a political commitment which was called "das Recht und die Pflicht zur Arbeit." There was no unemployment in East Germany and I would prefer to say the living standard was lower than in West Germany but still around about the same level as in Britain under Maggi Thatcher. I was born in East Germany in 1967.
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September 2010
Thanks so much - lovely starter lesson / European Day of Languages resource!
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April 2009
Thanks for this. Exactly what I needed.
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January 2009
Great pictures; I would love to use it with my classes! Not sure about 'lots of people had no jobs' in the East!! Lovely idea with the little quiz questions! Thanks very much!