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Current, Voltage, Resistance

Current, Voltage, Resistance


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The simple circuit

The electrical circuit for this lesson

About This Lesson

To complete the lesson, you will need an electricity laboratory. You can use a laboratory simulator, for example, this one - circuits.experimenters 

Look at the work area, what you see is an assembled electrical circuit. It consists of only two elements: a power supply and a light bulb and are connected by wires. 

Try turning on the power. What do you see? The light bulb lit up.

Now turn off the power supply and try to remove the wire. Turn on the power supply again. What are you observing? The light bulb is not lit. There is no current flowing in an open circuit. 

Now return the wire and let's try to reduce or increase the voltage. What do you see? The brightness of the light bulb has changed.


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