Day of the Dead: Student Activity

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Day of the Dead: Student Activity

In this activity, students watch a short video on the background of the holiday and then make Day of the Dead masks. This activity can be completed as a school activity or as fun parent led activitiy.

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September 2017
Slide 6 states - The Spanish priests moved the ritual so that it came at the same time as the Christian holiday of Halloween (in Spanish: "Día de Todos Santos,") It is my understanding that Dia de Todos Santos is the feast of All Saints. Halloween is the day prior to the celebration of All Saint's Day. "All Hallows Eve". The Catholic celebration of All Saint's Day is a very important remembrance day as is the feast of All Souls.
October 2016
Fab resource. Thanks for sharing.
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July 2016
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January 2016
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February 2012
This is a beautifully presented and very informative ppp.