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Day of the Dead - Lesson 1

Grade Level Grades 6-8
Resource Type Activity


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This is the first of 4 lessons in a module about the Day of the Dead tradition. It is part of a module that covers food and drink but from a different angle. All resources and the Scheme of Work can also be found at

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5 Reviews
As a "civilian" I have always been interested to learn more about the "DAY OF THE DEAD" and the cultural connections that this celebration encompasses. As an Educator, the DAY OF THE DEAD - 4 Lesson Module is a great way of not only increases my knowledge base but also of sharing this information with my students. Thus I used the SHARE MY LESSON resources two ways with my students: 1. I centered my instruction around the entry-point of Halloween and all of it's associated content and background knowledge. I then built upon this "holiday" and infused my lessons with the Hispanic Day of the Dead component. 2. For the classes that could handle it, we used the entry-point of traditional viewpoints of death in comparison to the Mexican / Hispanic idea of a day of celebration (and visitation?) of the dead. The (semi) recent animated movie -which some of my students have previously viewed- also made this a very popular subject to address - especially with the younger grades (or the older tweens who are still interested in animation (which is most of them).
October 15, 2019
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July 04, 2016
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January 30, 2016
Thank you so much for this amazing resource. I have picked up a few of your resources online, and each time I am so impressed with their quality and originality. This is really inspiring stuff. Thanks
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May 20, 2012
Muchas gracias!
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October 31, 2011