#Day1 Campaign to End Bullying

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Research-based, free anti-Bullying Campaign from the Tyler Clementi Foundation, Day 1 is a downloadable script at www.day1campaign.com that helps educators reach youth before bullying happens, and lists resources for bullying and harassment that is ongoing.

#Day1 was born of testimonials of frontline teachers innovating and experimenting with solutions. In our work to end online and offline bullying, we learned that prevention is the key. When we take the third party witnesses of bullying episodes, whether in the classroom or on social media, and help them to understand the vital role they play in the bullying dynamic, bystanders naturally become Upstanders. Teachers and researchers have told us that early, clear leadership on bullying is free, simple and effective. We are taking that idea to scale, while also improving on it. Act now on Day 1. 

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