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Desert Animal Survival
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Desert Animal Survival


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Subject ScienceLife Science
Grade Level Grades 6-8
Resource Type Handout

About This Lesson

A look at animal in deserts and how they survive. A variety of handouts that can also be used as a language across the curriclum theme.




Handout, Worksheet
February 11, 2020
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2 Reviews
SML Member
July 04, 2016
SML Member
January 30, 2016
This upload is a great variety of resources that will allow students to work on the same topic, yet avoid satiation. I would however separate the word-search page from the independent research page. I would re-write pages 4, 6, to make the questions text dependent. This would increase the rigor for the 6/7/8th grade students. I would also use the subject in each question, so my students start to respond in the same manner-For example: Where do Kangaroo rats live, and why? I would also give a vocabulary answer sheet that uses words that my students my need for reference after they complete the activity to make sure they have the definitions I want them to know. I like the way you let students know that they cannot use your example!!!--P.9 p.16--Many(((People))) confuse the spelling of desert (dry land) and dessert (a yummy treat!) I would also label the Poem as an Acrostic poem so my students start using L.A. vocabulary across contents. "Click here" link on page 20 is a broken link.
Raymond Macias
June 28, 2014
SML Member
February 29, 2012