Detecting Vocabulary Context Clues (3rd-5th grade)

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Student Vocabulary Development through Informational Text. The presentation is designed to be displayed on an LCD or whiteboard. The presentation includes all of the instruction materials and associated directions necessary to teach students to detect vocabulary context clues in informational text. The student handout provides students opportunities for guided and independent practice. Aligned to Common Core State Standard: RF.3.4


November 2014
Thank you so much! This resource is beautifully and thoughtfully presented.
September 2014
I love the complexity of the vocabulary as well as the organization of the lessons. I also appreciate that the student response book is organized in a similar fashion.
September 2013
Fantastic resource.
July 2013
Thanks for sharing this!
July 2013
Thank you. Will use this through the year.
January 2013
Very neatly laid out! And easy to navigate! Thank you so much for sharing this! :)
October 2012
Thank you for sharing this!
September 2012
Thanks.This is exactly what I was looking for to develop and apply new strategies.
July 2012
I really like that this set of lessons includes everything you need to teach students to detect vocabulary context clues. Very easy to use.