Did all Germans hate the Jews?

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Did all Germans hate the Jews?

Begins with the preconceptions activity available here separately. This is a cut down activity provided by the Imperial War Museum; London; England which is excellent. The rest of the scheme of work has been written by me. Assessment task at the end.

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July 2016
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January 2016
February 2015
Excellent materials on this difficult subject. As an additional resource, teachers may want to have their classes listen to my song "6,000,000," or read its lyric sheet as a poem. A lesson plan utilizing this song is also included. These resources are available under my name, Hank Fellows, on the "Share My Lesson" website.
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March 2012
Excellent use of 'the poisonous toadstool' to illustrate the gradual build-up of propaganda. I changed the background color to a dyslexia friendly green - recommend this ppt. super!!
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December 2011
A fully resourced scheme of work that investigates the theme of Power through an engaging enquiry.
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May 2011
This is excellent stuff! Thanks very much!
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August 2010
Thank you for sharing these annajordan! You have produced some amazing resources !