Different but Alike

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This is a project-based lesson plan.  The students must form small groups of no more than five (5) members.  They then must select a culture to research and present the research to the class in an innovative way. 

The object of this lesson is to get the students to realize and accept that all people are unique and it is necessary to be in cooperation with each other.  Everyone in the small group must research an aspect of their chosen culture.  The group must collaborate and decide how they will present the information they found while  performing their research.  Origination and innovation is the key to grasping and holding their audience's attention.  

Their presentation will be evaluated through peer, self, and teacher evaluations.  If something is remembered from these presentations that will make individuals be received and accepted in a more excellent way, then this project is a success.

This world would become better if everyone respected themselves and each other for who they are, which is the objective of this project-based lesson. 


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