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Discussion Guide: Using Books to Talk About Body Image

Grade Level Grades 6-12
Resource Type Activity


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First Book is proud to partner with the Women's Sports Foundation to provide Empowering Girls through Books and Sports, a series of discussion guides that uses sports-themed books to discuss important topics for middle and high school girls. This excerpt includes conversation starters, prompts for individual reflection, and group activities for educators and program leaders to use with young women and girls around the topic of body image. This guide includes strategies for connecting stories to critical topics girls face today.

Educators serving kids in need, including all staff from Title I eligible schools or programs serving 70% or more children from low-income families, can sign up with First Book for free to access the entire Empowering Girls through Books and Sports resource (as well as a curated selection of empowering stories about women and girls) here:

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February 13, 2020
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