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Don't Believe the Fossil Fuel Hype Video Contest

Grade Level PreK, Grades K-12


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Contest soliciting entries of video should be in an engaging and humorous spoof style product that demonstrates common messaging/tactics used by some (not all) entities in the fossil fuel energy industry to maintain the status quo. You can use one of the following tactics to frame the plot of your spoof video. Or you can come up with your own! Feel free to exercise your creativity through your choice of design, content, video production style, cast of characters, etc. Focus on clearly communicating the deception and displaying the challenging aspects of the relationships between some companies and frontline communities. The aim is to make your video something anyone can relate to so that people understand and are prepared for the manipulation tactics communities may encounter. Through this video, you will empower communities with knowledge so they don’t allow themselves to be duped/fooled.


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