Egg Parachutes/ Stellar drop survival kits

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Egg Parachutes/ Stellar drop survival kits

Egg parachutes with the theme of Futurama. Without mentioning the word 'Parachute' to students need to think in more inventive and creative ways.

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July 2016
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January 2016
October 2013
This lesson is ideal for teaching the engineering design process (EDP) which is Ask, Imagine, Plan, Create, Experiment, and Improve. The students work together in their teams to brainstorm the best stellar drop survival kits, they use blueprints to draw and label their design, next, they build or create the product, then they experiment or test it to see if it works properly, lastly, they improve it if it does not work properly. I will add this to my favorites and use it with other engineering lessons I have. Thank you!! This is fantastic!! STEMcoordinator
July 2012
Amazing activity!!
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May 2012
Excellent resource. A great final activity in the forces unit allowing children to apply the knowledge they have learnt. Thank you!
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April 2012
Super - great stuff, thanks!
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April 2012
Brilliant! Thanks so much for this.
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March 2012
Fantastic resourse! Thanks for sharing :)
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November 2011
Thank you for putting this on here i think its an excellent resource i'm currently a trainee teacher doing a 3 year d&t course and i have to plan, deliver etc a stem activity and this would be brilliant as it can incorporate science and math as well as d&t. i love the futurama theme Thank you