ELT Bible Study Pack #2

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30 free printable worksheets for learning English through Bible study.

This free printable book is the second volume in the ELT Bible Study Pack series, which is aimed at intermediate-level learners and higher.

Featuring all brand new material, the aims and format remain the same as in the first book. This book contains 30 printable worksheets, with answers and review, making it ideal for either Bible Study or English language classes – or both!

Featuring the amazing stories of, among others, Joseph, David, Solomon, Elijah, Mary, Jesus, the Disciples, and Rhoda, teachers and students of English can use this book to practice a range of grammar topics such as conditionals, passive voice, prepositions, relative clauses, and reported speech, as well as to provide varied and high-quality reading, writing, vocabulary, and speaking and listening activities.

A special feature is that each worksheet can be adapted (e.g. for lower levels) if the teacher accesses the free Word files located on our website at: https://purlandtraining.com

This book is free to download, print, and share, and it is in the public domain, so you can even use it commercially without any cost!

We would love to know what you think of this new book, so please contact us or leave a comment - thank you!

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