Empowering Your Immigrant Student: Curriculum and Activities to Support Immigrant Students

Chantiri R

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Tam Tran behind the scenes of "Lost and Found"

UCLA Labor Center

This curriculum is a companion to Underground Undergrads, Undocumented and Unafraid and Dreams Deported, student publications that explore the stories of undocumented immigrant youth and the undocumented immigrant youth movement. These publications are significant as they offer an example of the possible ways fear can be channel into transformative action. Each publication offers a unique view into the different struggles undocumented youth face in their pursuit to higher education: limited educational financial support, fear of family separation and deportation, and emotional and psychological distress.

The purpose of this curriculum is to provide framework for students to:

  1. Explore the driving forces of migration and how people become immigrants
  2. Humanize undocumented immigrant communities
  3. Understand how immigration legislation affects immigrant communities, particularly

    undocumented immigrant students.

  4. Build a tangible understanding of the obstacles undocumented immigrant students

    overcome in the United States

  5. Learn and build storytelling skills to advance social justice issues

We hope these modules—the classroom activities, personal stories and video links included—will stimulate courageous and compassionate conversations about undocumented immigrant youth and the undocumented immigrant youth movement and inspire educators to take action as future advocates of immigrant communities.

We have designed activity modules to use in a variety of classroom settings. The modules are tailored for high school students and can be modified by the educator. A combination of modules can be used to customize learning goals for your lesson plan. 

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