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Engage your students in responsible online citizenship with activities inspired by "Finally Heard”!


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Grade Level Grades 4-6
Resource Type Handout

About This Lesson

In the dynamic landscape of online communication, what we say matters – even in the digital realm! We're thrilled to introduce activities inspired by the captivating novel "Finally Heard" by Kelly Yang. 

Dive into the realm of English Language Arts and Social-Emotional Learning as your students explore the pros and cons of social media, analyze online safety habits, and champion kindness, respect, and empathy online. 

The activities are designed to empower your students to become responsible, kind, and safe digital citizens.  

Visit the PROGRAM SITE for:   

  • Complete Program Kit 

  • Family Take-home Letter 

  • Activity Booklet 

  • Reading Group Guide 

  • Additional Resources 

Empower the next generation to wield their voices responsibly online.  

Made Possible By: Simon & Schuster 



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