English Lesson Plan: Plot and Writing a Fiction Story

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Plot Lesson Objective: Students will demonstrate a knowledge of the workings of plot (rising action, climax, falling action and conclusion) and an ability to write fiction working off of an outline.

Lesson Opening

I will open by reading them short fiction that I wrote as a paper helper. As I write, their will be stations all around the room, marking the different parts of a plot as described above. As I read, they will move from one part of the plot to another by listening to the story. When I am done, I will ask them to answer questions on my stories based on their predictions. What did they think was going to happen? Did that actually come true?

Guided Practice

The children will be writing their stories from outlines that they wrote. To begin with, I will ask them to swap their outlines and read each other’s. They are reading, specifically, to see if each person’s outline makes sense. I will give them a few minutes to discuss each other’s outlines.

Independent Practice

The children will work independently on their stories. My job will be to suggest new vocabulary and work on spelling / grammar as well as to check for coherence. I will go around to students asking them to explain the rest of the story to me.


We will end with a discussion on why we like different kinds of stories, what makes us want to read them and keeps us interested.

Writing a Fiction Story Lesson Objective: Students will have all the tools with which to write a fiction story.

Lesson Opening

Review various concepts: fiction/nonfiction, plot, character, summary, noun adjective, climax, etc. Read a story and ask the children why they did or did not like it.

Introduction of New Material

The children should have plots, characters and settings already thought of and mostly written out. Now they have to combine them into a story. To begin with, I will take a character, plot and setting from the story that I just read and put those three on the board. Then I will show how the choices that had to be made to write the story. Then I will work the other way, and go from a fresh character, plot and setting to writing a story and showing the choices that have to be made. I will remind them that they have to do the same thing. I will also give them a quick lecture on outlining.

Student Practice of New Material

Now it is time for them to put the three together. My job is mostly to be a facilitator, but from time to time I will stop the class and ask them specific questions or praise specific actions. The students should be reminded that they will not finish today. More important than finishing the story is knowing what will happen.


Explain the rest of the week and that we plan to combine all the stories to make one big story book. Ask the children who they think would enjoy their story and if they plan on giving their book to anyone.

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