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An ESL Lesson Plan On Articles: General vs. Specific

ESL, lesson plan, Off2Class, students, pre-Intermediate, plural, nouns,

Grade Level Grades 1-3
Resource Type Lesson Plan


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When to teach this lesson?

This lesson is designed to teach to students at a pre-Intermediate level. This means that they have mastered basic language skills and familiarity with plural nouns, a/an, frequency, and time. Before starting this lesson, students should have a solid understanding of how to use the present simple tense. They should be starting to use the past and future tenses as well. This lesson can be used to introduce the difference between the articles a/an and the.

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Off2Class- N11.1-Articles-General-vs-Specific.01.pdf

Lesson Plan
February 17, 2022
6.9 MB
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