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This can be used in mulitple grades and nearly every subject (but the system wouldn't let me select all subjects). This is a quick end of lesson informal assessment. Students fill in the statement that they feel matches their understanding of the lesson content. It is a great two-minute tool I use to collect informal data on how my students feel about the content; and I can use it to inform my instruction for the next day. Instructions; if needed; are on the PowerPoint slide. I insert this slide into many of my PowerPoints I can informally assess my students nearly every day.

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May 2016
very innovative idea for informal assessment.
December 2013
An easy and quick way to get an understanding of where students are at with the skill or lesson from the day.
November 2013
Good informal assessment, but not linked to our standards in any way.
May 2013
Creative tool for informal assessment.
July 2012
A simple way to get a snapshot of student understanding - what a great idea!