Events of 1066 through sources

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<p>Various tasks for a short scheme of work to provide students with experience of using sources to identify and answer historical questions.

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July 2016
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January 2016
March 2014
The explanation of the Bayeux Tapestry is excellent and a good demonstration of that skill. These resources could be incorporated into a fully realized lesson plan that is appropriate for the students in your class.
July 2012
Fun hands on activity
June 2012
Hello - I am the original creator of this resource and originally uploaded it to the TES website in the UK. I teach relatively near to the site of the original Norman landings at Pevensey and very near to Hastings so it makes a great topic for us. I hope you find it useful too!
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September 2011
Really enjoyed the tapestry matching activity. Thanks
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September 2010
Many thanks. This will save me alot of time.
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January 2010
thanks for all your hard work
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May 2009
Thank you for putting all this together and sharing!
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January 2009
These sources are very useful when you are starting out as a new teacher and building up your resources. Time saving for busy teachers.
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January 2009
These will save me a lot of time, fantastic, thanks for sharing!