Events on the road to the Civil War Hyperdoc Template for student exploration

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Events on the road to the Civil War Hyperdoc Template for student exploration

Events on the road to the Civil War Hyperdoc Template for student exploration of

How did decisions in the past about slavery lead to the Civil War?

 What could happen when groups/regions feel that the government does not respect issues important to them?

What can be done in the future to prevent future conflict among our own states and regions?

This is a basic introduction with great beginning to the civil war topic. I would love to see more expansion on it as their are so many great resources available that could get students really engaged and excited.. Yet time is limited and I want to expand the feeling of solidarity and support for all learners and teachers by sharing what I have freely with you and your community of learners that surround and embrace you. I have some great  resources that I will try ot upload later as I locate a digital way to share them.



History of the monument pictured in the unit is directly from National Park Service. A great resource to share with students. It can be difficult to actually get the info that is truly there. Need to use wide open search terms or you get nothing. The Soldiers National Monument at Gettysburg.

A large statue representing the concept of Liberty surmounts the pedestal. Eighteen large bronze stars circling the pedestal below this statue represent the eighteen Union states with buried dead. Four statues are located at each corner near the base. They represent War, History, Peace, and Plenty. War is represented by a statue of an American soldier who recounts the story of the battle to History. In turn, History records, with stylus and tablet, the achievements of the battle and the names of the honored dead. A statue of an American mechanic and his tools illustrates PeacePlenty is a female figure with a sheaf of wheat and the fruits of the earth that typify peace and abundance as the soldier's crowning triumph

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