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Explore A New Topic or Review Using an NFL Draft Choice of Significant People in all Subject Area Courses using HyperDocs Template


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About This Lesson

This is such a wonderful template! I think that it could be used as both a review and an introduction to any subject area with some minimal modifications. It will be a powerful tool for educators now in the social isolation condition. Enjoy it and share that you with your students! John Meehan developed it. He has shared this incredible template that can be used to explore new or review notable Characters or people in ELA / History/ Science/music/drama/art or any other subject area course. I think it would be powerful for students for career development and might be a wonderful small group with students exploring the same career field. I think the ideas and uses could be almost limitless with a creative mind. I was so excited with the design. I think you could extend the experience by having them learn and explain what the people contributed to the world like for example discovered how to segment DNA...Have them present their understand as if they are the rep and trying to get their client the draft pick more money etc...I think that I would stage it in two distinct rounds of simulations. First, I would do the study of the person of significance that is a draft choice. Publicize it and then work towards "selling the, meetings with the owners...Have great fun planning.

Let me know how it goes live. Below in the word docs are some starting ideas, but it is totally up to your how and what way that you will use and modify the template for your unique classroom. It is energizing to think about how the kids will work with it. I find the students love the assignments that call them to do the real world dramatic improvisation or a simulation! I would capitalize on that. I would play it up! Show them how to engage! I love this kind of situation because it is accessible to my marginalized learners! They can shine in this type of activity! I make especially sure they got it and offer extra “theater Mom support" because this experience can be the magic that propels them on to their improved vision of self and to keep putting out the 200% effort that often unthinking people say things like”. If you'd only worked harder!" Don't get me started!! Please never be that person. This experience may be the one that they look back on and tag it mentally to say, "I can be academically successful! I can learn, grow, and excel!

Lesson Plan  General Design Ideas:

·Assemble your dream team of the best Presidents (writers, social leaders…) in U.S. history. What did they do to earn your vote?

Build a roster of the most influential inventors of the 21st century. Why did you select these individuals?

Build a roster of the most significant scientists of any century. Why did you select these individuals?

·Select your starting lineup of the most deceptive characters in American literature. What makes them such a strong contender for this team?

· Which all-star squad of historical heroes (or fictional characters) would you draft to solve a problem in your community? What makes these folks uniquely suited for this job?


Have students submit their “Clients bios move on to team owners to create draft rosters” via email and or Google classroom so you have their assignment and can group them for class review and display for learning ….

Post each student’s roster to a space where classmates can review one another’s work

Create a Flipgrid or other way… assignment where students now of they evolve from agents for the person researched or discovered to become “media expert analysts”(like the talking heads on ESPN). They review the submissions and discuss them with their classmates and award “draft desirability”.

Have the students return to their role as an agent “repping” their notable person/client host an in-character Google Hangout meeting where rival agents/ squads compete to make the case for why their person or team is the best while classmates get the chance to hear arguments and vote for the winner.



Review ELA_US History Virtual NFL Draft Template.pptx

May 20, 2020
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