Extending Narrative - Plans and Resources

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These are a set of plans and resources for a couple of weeks of work on non-linear texts. The main stimulus is one of the old style text adventure computer games (I've included a link to this). The end product is the kids producing their own adventure

Lesson Plan Resources


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July 2016
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January 2016
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February 2012
Thank you so much for these amazing plans! Have been so helpful. Just having trouble finding the Oblivion video. Any tips on how and where to look for it? Thanks again
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June 2010
fantastic stuff, thanks. it can be really hard to find stuff for this unit!
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June 2010
I've had a few messages from people struggling to open the Pawn game. <br/> <br/>You just need to extract all the files in the zip folder, and the easiest way to start the game is to drag the 'Pawn' file on top of the 'Magenetic.exe' file. This should open up the game immediately. <br/> <br/>Drop me a line if you have any problems and I'll try and do what I can! <br/> <br/>jon
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May 2010
This is loads of work and it's great! I was just looking around before embarking on planning this unit and am most excited to find such good planning and resource ideas. Thank you!