Facebook Profile Template - Spanish


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About This Lesson

I translated this into Spanish from a template created by user tafkam. I'll use it with 6th Grade as a summative account of what they learn in the first few Spanish lessons they have and will use as a revision activity/level assessor for 7th Grade upwards. Easily differentiated!



August 2016
Great start! I modified mine so that in each posting the kids had to write something about themselves. Great icebreaker activity. Thanks.
September 2015
great idea, but the template needs to be updated for the latest version of Facebook's interface
July 2015
Great idea to break the ice and start the semester!
February 2015
Wow it is great! Thanks!
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June 2012
Thank you for this it has saved me lots of time!
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September 2011
I love the idea!!! What a nice way to start the term!
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August 2011
I LOVE this! Thank you so much for sharing... now if I can get round to it, I might even make a German version!
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August 2011
I really like the idea of this - very contemporary, thank you!