Fantasy Genre - Spirited Away and The Tempest

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<p>An innovative scheme comparing and contrasting Shakespeare with the Japanese anime classic ‘Spirited Away’. Suitable for Year 8 but could also be used for Year 7.</p>

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July 2016
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January 2016
February 2014
Although an interesting concept for literary/film study, this lesson plan has limited application for the required elements of lesson planning in the context of U.S. schools. It is an overview of essential questions and activities for a few weeks without specific strategies for differentiation, academic vocabulary, or student self-assessment.
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March 2010
Great idea and very accessible
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September 2009
This looks amazing! Can't wait to get started on this!
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September 2007
I agree, this is an original scheme. What about the extracts from the Tempest? I suppose I could get them online? I too love 'Spirited Away'!
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September 2007
Thanks for this, it is a very original and exciting way of accessing Shakespeare and I love the film 'Spirited Away' - linking this with 'the Tempest' is inspired! Great to see something really different!