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Film Music to discuss and perform with a handy template for creating a storyboard (some students use 2 or three of these sheets). Also helpful ideas of how to create different moods with film music.

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March 2021
November 2017
Awesome resource. I think my students will enjoy this unit.
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July 2016
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January 2016
August 2016
Brilliant!! What a great lesson for the beginning of a new school year! Creative & informative! Our 7th graders will love this lesson! Since we don't have access to video cameras, I plan to have them divide into small groups, offer them 3 different theme song choices and let them work out a title and perform a scene (only sound will be the music) which would illustrate to a potential audience what the show belonging to the theme song will be about.
August 2015
Totally brilliant. Thanks so much!
July 2014
Thank you. This looks intriguing. Looking forward to teaching this unit.
March 2013
WOW - thank you so much!
SML_Member's picture SML_Member
April 2012
What an wonderful surprise, this is soooooo helpful! Thank you with bells on.
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February 2012
Excellent resource, thank you!
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October 2011
Brilliant resource. Thank you.
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September 2011
This is a really helpful resource, thank you very much. Even if I don't use it all in class, it's good for my own reference. For anyone using this, I've highlighted the following points in the arrangement of Mission Impossible (which I already use, so know well): 1) Bar 5-7, RH: don't reiterate the note names for tied notes (as has been done in the LH riff and bars 11-13); 2) Bars 14 and 22, RH: should be Eb-D, not E-Eb; 3) Bars 15-18, RH: Where's the tune? It's an exact transposition of bars 5-8 down a perfect 5th (C minor); 4) Bars 22, LH: The bass is should be D-D-Eb-F-D___________ with no repeats. Pupils could even do an octave tremolo on the long D (not too hard, but effective) followed by a dramatic pause before the last chords; 5) The final chords are Bb/Ab - Eb/Db. You could reduce these to single notes, but at least get the top part playing F - G; 6) My last point is less crucial. The LH in bar 14 should lead the music to the next key, viz. G - G - Bb - B, i.e. breaking the pattern of the previous bars. It's something extra to remember, so might be to confusing for pupils. This has been done in bar 18, for the return to G minor, although the notes of the original are C - C - Eb - F (exactly like the preceding bar) followed by a downward leap of a 7th to the G in bar 19. I hope that's helpful.
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August 2011
This is brilliant. I will definately use this. Thank you for sharing it.
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August 2011
Thanks so much.
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July 2011
Thanks very much. Some very popular tunes my kids will love to learn. Great!
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April 2011
Excellent resource, thanks a lot! :-)
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February 2011
SML_Member's picture SML_Member
February 2011
Great resource, thanks very much!