Flip flap

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Flip flap

Teach number bonds that make 10 with this simple to make resource. Laminate; score along all the lines and fold in both directions - make as flexible as possible. With the children show all faces then hide some by folding. Ask obvious questions and use st

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July 2016
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January 2016
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January 2012
A 'flip-flap' with either 10 smiley faces, or a blank template to make your own. A really useful resource to practice number bonds to 10 by asking how many faces can be seen and how many are hidden. Could also use to practice times tables with pictures of
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March 2011
Great thanks, just changed the pics to fit my topic .
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January 2008
thanks for this. Have been trying to make one and it kept going wrong. love the template for the children to make too