Flu Math Games

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This video lesson shows students that math can play a role in understanding how an infectious disease spreads and how it can be controlled. During this lesson, students will see and use both deterministic and probabilistic models and will learn by doing through role-playing exercises. There are no formal prerequisites, as students in any high school or even middle school math class could enjoy this learning video. But more advanced classes can go into the optional applied probability modeling that accompanies the module in a downloadable pdf file. Materials needed for the lesson include paper or cardboard, plus scissors and tape or staples, for making green, red and blue-colored hats for each student. These supplies are also needed for making numbers to draw out of a hat. The primary exercises between video segments of this lesson are class-intensive simulation games in which members of the class 'infect' each other under alternative math modeling assumptions about disease progression. Also there is an occasional class discussion and local discussion with nearby classmates.

For more information, visit: http://blossoms.mit.edu/videos/lessons/flu_math_games

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