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Free Augmented Reality Geometry Lessons

Grade Level Grades K-5
Resource Type Activity


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An innovative and exciting way of learning geometry through visualization and interaction. CleverBooks app that is easily launched on a tablet or mobile phone (based on Android or Apple) through a collection of flash cards/ printouts. The program features 3D models with Augmented Reality for main geometric shapes. Children can directly interact with the shapes and this aims to improve their spatial visualization. What can be learned with the geometry app:

  • View geometric 2D and 3D shapes from all angles
  • Voiceover for all the shapes and interactions made by kids
  • See sides of 3D shapes unfold into 2D shapes (decomposition is visualized!)
  • Check main properties of 3D shapes
  • Find out about different variations of 2D shapes
  • Learn and understand fractions
  • Compare and identify objects in the environment with geometric shapes using Augmented Reality
  • Develop spatial imagination by observing 3D and flat models
  • Learn properties of geometric 2D and 3D shapes and fractions
  • Interactive knowledge test

Age group: 7-11 y.o.

Language: English

Learning Outcomes:

  • Cognitive Development
  • Learning geometry
  • Development of visualization skills, imagination
  • Understanding of abstract objects applied on geometry
  • Critical Thinking
  • Engagement and Usability
  • Creative Development
  • Life Skills
  • New technology acquisition
  • Academic Relevance




February 13, 2020
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