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FREE Colorful Printable Addition and Subtraction worksheets

FREE Colorful Printable Addition and Subtraction worksheets


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Grade Level Grades K-2

About This Lesson

These are FREE Addition and Subtraction worksheets which form as a great resource for homeschooling parents and teachers and help the kids have fun while keeping them engaged. These are PRINT Addition and Subtraction word problems. Just print and hand out. They are designed to make students apply their adding and subtracting skills and to make them think. 


Monkey Trouble – A story of a very naughty monkey who loves fruits. Catch him and find out how many stolen. Your kids will learn Counting Numbers and Subtraction of zero.

Picture in Picture - An animal has been caught in a net by an evil man. It is so entangled that it is difficult to figure out even the position of its head or tail. Your kids will learn Addition of Two Numbers of 2 Digit without carry.

GrandMa Shopping - Help grandma with shopping and practice Addition of Two Numbers of 2 Digit without carry.

Through these math Ebooks/math worksheets, children will learn through math word problem and work on:-

Hard Skills

- Addition with zero
- Subtraction with zero
- Addition of 1 digit numbers without borrow
- Addition of 2 digit numbers without borrow

Soft Skills

- Show kindness through helping
- Love nature and restore nature
- Be a part of nature
- Help animals
- Mistakes are part of learning.

Hope these math worksheets help and let me know if there are any specific needs. <strong>Download 1000's of such FREE addition math worksheets and subtraction math worksheets. Scroll through grades or topics and click to print or download. No payment required.</strong>

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