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Free Letters and Sounds resources

Free Letters and Sounds resources


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About This Lesson

This site has colorful; free resources for the letters and sounds including grapheme cards; words to sound out and the high frequency words. Appropriate for Early Childhood Education (Pre-K and younger). ECE-LT-ph, ECE-LT-pa, ECE-LT-al, ECE-LT-pc, ECE-LT-fl, ECE-LT


5 Reviews
SML Member
July 04, 2016
SML Member
January 30, 2016
Great site thanks
this is such a great site it goes well with how I am teaching the sounds in my grade.
SML Member
March 15, 2009
Really useful site!
I hadn't found this site so it is a useful addition to my list of favorites - thanks!
SML Member
January 27, 2009
Just what I needed
We will be using this at our meeting next month, as one of the governors was asking for more information about this. Thank you!
SML Member
January 26, 2009