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Free Printable Christmas Number Game: COMBINE THE THREE
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Free Printable Christmas Number Game: COMBINE THE THREE


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Grade Level Grades K-2
Resource Type Activity

About This Lesson

This is a Christmas theme printable number game worksheet - COMBINE THE THREE. It forms as a great resource for homeschooling parents and teachers and help kids have fun while keeping them engaged. Just print and hand out. They are designed to make students enhance their arithmetic skills and have fun in the process.

The holiday theme behind this printable game worksheet help them relate and urge them to solve accurately and fast. It fits their holiday mood. Kids enjoy looking at the colors, connect with the holiday characters such as Santa, candy, snowflake, etc and play the game along with learning the skill.

Age range: 1st grade and up


    -Creating 3- digit largest number

    -Creating 3- digit smallest number


       - Largest


Number of Players: 4

You will need:

    -Cards (0-9) 2 to 4 sets


    -Score card

How to play this Christmas math game:

Who wins: The one who wins the most individual rounds.

Let’s go!

    -All the players write down their names on the score card by themselves.

    -One of the players distributes 3 cards to all the players.

    -Now each player needs to create the smallest number out of the digits on their   cards. Make sure you do not help each other in making these numbers.

    -Each player writes down the number formed against her name on the score card one after the other.

    -Then one of the players circles the smallest number formed.

    -Play in the similar way for 10 more times.

    -The winner is the one who wins the most individual rounds.

    -Do not forget to write the winner’s name in the winner section of the score card.


    -Instead of making the smallest number out of the cards, form the largest number.

    -Instead of distributing 3 cards, distribute 4 or 5 for higher grade kids.

This Printable Christmas number game worksheet are fun to play and learn with friends and family. It has Christmas theme instruction printable sheet and colorful Christmas theme score card. So, GET SET and PLAY.

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February 13, 2020
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