Front Desk Novel Hyperdocs Template for Teachers, Parents and Students Especially During Social Isolation

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Front Desk Novel Hyperdocs Template for Teachers, Parents and Students Especially During Social Isolation

Front Desk was intended for the true middle 4th-8th grades. It. is a story of immigrants to the USA. The NovelHyperdoc look amazing. The Novel Hyperdocs was created by Liz Stroud, Vocabulary by Tara Turner & Robyn Whitlock & Quote Slides by Angela Vahle. This one has a large amount of links to outside resources that are not saved so it would be a good idea to be sure to have a copy saved if you plan to use it more than for this year.

 From the Social Justice Books: Teaching For Change Project

Front Desk was reviewed by Edi Campbell

"Front Desk is based in Kelly Yang’s real-life experiences, making it an her first novel. In the Author’s Notes, she explains how situations in the story evolved from her growing up and helping her parents manage three hotels in California. She also provides background information on Chinese immigrants, describing both the push and pull factors that bring them to the United States. This awareness was sharpened through her training as an attorney and as a journalist.

Mia Tang, the story’s protagonist, is a 5th grader when she begins working with her parents at the Calivista Motel just five miles from Disneyland. Front Desk details the family’s first year managing the hotel including little daily occurrences, diversity issues and the building of community at the motel. Resilience is an underlying current in the book as Mia always seems to make a way when there is none and, resilience is also there in the positive attitude that consistently moves her forward. We should feel sorry for this young eight-year-old working girl, shouldn’t we? I think Mr. Lewis, a guest at the hotel wanted to. After demanding a larger hotel room from Mia, he catches himself and asks her, “Why are you doing this? Shouldn’t you be out playing?”


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