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Functions 11

Functions 11


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Subject MathAlgebra, Functions
Grade Level Grades 6-12
Standards Alignment
Common Core State Standards

About This Lesson

Shows how to find the inverse of 1-1 functions from equations and graphs.Youtube videos by Julie Harland are organized at The series on functions begins with the definition of a relation, and then moves on to the definition of a function. Most of the videos are about functions including: function notation, evaluating functions, the algebra of functions, composite functions, one-to-one functions, inverse functions even and odd functions.<br />For more great math videos visit:<br />CCSS alignment: 8.F.2


Compare properties of two functions each represented in a different way (algebraically, graphically, numerically in tables, or by verbal descriptions).
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Didn&#39;t allow: My review: Another well related lesson from Julie
June 20, 2013