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Gamified Learning for Chemistry Classes
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Gamified Learning for Chemistry Classes


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Gamify Your Chemistry Classroom with Maker High Resources

Subject ScienceChemistry
Grade Level Grades 6-9
Resource Type Activity

About This Lesson

Critical thinking and core concepts of chemistry are the keys to solving Chem Lab Escape, a chemistry escape room experience on Roblox. Your students will navigate their way through multiple rooms, each with their own unique and exciting gameplay mechanics designed to support, encourage, and immerse students in Chemistry.

Guide students through the game using companion, standards-aligned activities that bring chemistry concepts from the virtual world to life in classrooms.

The Thermal Chamber Lesson Plan engages students in hands-on learning in conjunction with the Maker High Chem Lab Escape Room. Observe iodine sublimation, manipulate heating/cooling curves, and navigate puzzles to understand state changes. Encourage problem-solving as students use temperature controls to alter water phases, linking changes to particle motion and thermal energy. Achieve key learning objectives in a dynamic, interactive environment.



Maker High - Thermal Chamber Lesson Plan.pdf

December 8, 2023
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