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GCF and LCM Greatest Common Factor Least Common Multiples Lesson Plan

Factors Multiples GCF LCM Lesson Plan Image

Subject Math
Grade Level Grade 6
Resource Type Lesson Plan


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Ever wondered how to teach greatest common factors (GCF) and least common multiples (LCM) in an engaging way to your 6th-grade students?

In this lesson plan, students will learn about GCF and LCM and their real-life applications. Through artistic, interactive guided notes, check for understanding, a doodle & color by number activity, and a maze worksheet, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of these important math concepts.

The lesson culminates with a real-life example that explores how GCF and LCM can be applied in practical situations.



GCF and LCM Lesson Plan PDF.pdf

Lesson Plan
November 29, 2023
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