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Geometry - trigonometry lesson Plan - Alliant University (TC)

Subject MathGeometry
Grade Level Grades 9-12


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In this unit, students are intended to learn the trigonometric identities. The age range of the students are from ages 15 to 17. As a basis for understanding how triangles are related to Trigonometry, students are first front loaded with vocabulary terms and definitions. The lessons will be formatted by time slots, activities, and learning targets. The lessons topics will include finding the missing sides of triangles, as well as missing measurements of dimensions. With the incorporation of YouTube videos, the students may be able to grasp the introductory concepts of Trigonometry uses and the relation to Triangles. The lessons may be planned and designed to fit the interest of the students based on student surveys. Learning is assessed as a final product of presentation. The end result of the two week plan is for students to demonstrate learning through presentations.


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