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The Girl Who Wasn't There Discussion Guide

Grade Level Grades 8-12
Resource Type Activity


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A discussion guide inspired by The Girl Who Wasn't There by Penny Joelson.

About the book:

For fans of Karen M. McManus and Kara Thomas comes this riveting new young adult crime thriller packed with mystery and suspense, from the acclaimed author of I Have No Secrets

Nothing ever happens on Kasia's street. And Kasia would know, because her chronic illness keeps her stuck at home, watching the outside world from her bedroom window. So when she witnesses what looks like a kidnapping, she's not sure whether she can believe her own eyes…

There had been a girl in the window across the street who must have seen something too. But when Kasia ventures out to find her, she is told the most shocking thing of all: There is no girl.

Emotional and full of twists, The Girl Who Wasn’t There is perfect for readers looking for:
•    teen mystery books
•    diverse, complex characters
•    chronic illness representation from an #ownvoices author
•    books for teens that deal with social issues
•    young adult suspense novels




December 9, 2020
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