Global, Cultural, and Environmental Multimedia for Engaged Learning Webinar

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Global, Cultural, and Environmental Multimedia for Engaged Learning Webinar

Join the Global Oneness Project and Share My Lesson for a webinar on using multimedia to explore global, historical, cultural and environmental stories.


Are you looking to engage your students with digital multimedia? Explore global, historical, cultural and environmental stories from the Global Oneness Project. Cleary Vaughan-Lee, Education Director for the project, will highlight short films, photography, and accompanying curriculum content, all of which introduce global themes, explore environmental issues, and examine multicultural awareness.
Aligned with Common Core Standards, the project’s lesson plans provide educators with strategies and suggestions to engage students with its content. Personal and interdisciplinary connections will be explored, as well as discussion questions and reflective writing assignments to take student thinking to a deeper level. The project’s digital stories and lessons can be integrated into classroom curricula across multiple subjects, including the arts, English language arts, social sciences, and the environmental sciences.

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