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Good News / Bad News

Grade Level Grades 9-12, Adult Education
Resource Type Activity


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This lesson has vocabulary for giving good and bad news. Practice giving and responding to news using various situations. Have students choose a few phrases for responding to news and write them down. Then, in the practice scenarios, they can use those phrases.

There is also a lesson on "Expressing Disappointment".  It introduces the grammar of expressing regret and then has 2 dialogues to practice.

There is a video clip from "The Office" where the boss gives good and bad news to his staff. Before watching, ask if students know the word "irrelevant". There is "good news", "bad news" and "irrelevant news".  Discuss how he delivers the news. How could he have done better?

Finally, there is a game of "Choose your Survival Items". The bad news is, you are stranded on a desert island! The good news is, you can choose 5 items to take with you. Students choose their 5 items and you can discuss why they would choose each item.


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