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Grade 10: Argumentation for Change
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Grade 10: Argumentation for Change


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Grade Level Grade 10
Resource Type Project Based Learning

About This Lesson

In this writing task, students will be able to present a clear claim with arguments and counterarguments, supporting each with relevant evidence and exercising critical thinking in evaluating arguments. They will also do research to identify, evaluate, and cite credible sources to avoid plagiarism. Not only will they demonstrate awareness of their audience by tailoring their arguments to the intended audiences’ knowledge, beliefs, and impact, but they will also develop their communication skills through their essays and presentations.

Students will explore a certain issue close to their heart that impacts their lives, and their world, globally or locally. In the process, they will be reading informational texts – both literal and nonliteral, as well as listening to speeches, watching documentaries and/or conducting interviews, in order to form a position. They will self-assess their work and peer assess a colleague’s argument.



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Project Based Learning
April 2, 2024
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