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Growth Mindset and Project-Based Learning Lesson Plans

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Growth Mindset and Project-Based Learning Lesson Plans


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Growth Mindset and Project-Based Learning Lesson Plans

About This Collection

It can be challenging to motivate struggling learners, but experiential learning, also known as project-based learning (PBL), lessons along with supporting students in developing a growth mindset can help. Barbara Blackburn wrote in her blog post, Helping Students Build a Growth Mindset, "Students with a growth mindset believe they can learn and become better. They embrace challenge, view effort as a positive part of learning, and persist through difficulties." By helping students develop a growth mindset, we are better preparing them to overcome challenges and be successful in their endeavors throughout their life.

Additionally, by implementing project-based learning, you are able to push beyond your classroom walls. Students are able to connect their learning to their lives outside of school and see how the knowledge they are gaining can be applicable to their future success, thus, increasing their engagement.

View this specially, curated collection of lessons and educational resources to support you in incorporating PBL and growth mindset activities into your classroom.