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Project-Based Learning: Banking on My Future

Grade Level Grades 9-10
Resource Type Project Based Learning


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Banking and personal finance are often subjects students feel are not taught enough in high school. This project-based learning resource contains a list of activities that connect banking to core subject areas to better prepare students to set themselves up for financial success in the future. These lessons can be used throughout the year, or focused in April during Financial Literacy Month. These lessons can be administered together or taken individually and modified to meet individual classroom needs.

This project-based learning resource was developed by AFT members in collaboration with AFT staff. Special thanks to the AFT members who developed this project:

Susan Watson, Design Team Lead, Cleveland Teachers Union, Business/CTE

Ryan Murphy, Design Team Co-Lead, 1274 North Suburban Teachers Union, Mathematics

Sarah Buhmann,  1274 North Suburban Teachers Union


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